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Diamond Collection


The finest and most complete package for couples that want the absolute best in coverage, albums, and creativity.


Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!


The photographer that you chose will have a major impact on how unforgettable your wedding day will be. 
You will likely want a photographer who can give you high quality images, as well as help lower the stress level, so you can simply enjoy your day.

Your wedding day is supposed to be FUN, and you will want someone who recognizes that. Keep in mind that you will be spending virtually the entire day with your photographer.

Our duties are not only to give you the highest quality creative images that we can, but to make the portrait process memorable and enjoyable.

This is a labor of love for us, and we would like to thank you in advance for allowing us to be a part of your special day.

You are in for a portrait experience that will capture your special day.

One you will never forget.

Our wedding photography philosophy is all about capturing the moments that mean so much to the Bride and Groom, their family, and their friends.When we photograph a wedding, our goal is to provide you with images that will evoke emotions each time they are viewed; images that you will cherish forever.

Our photographers will bring you a variety of creative photographic styles that will exceed your desires on this special occasion.

With over twenty years of wedding photography experience, We are proud to preserve for you the most important memories of your life together.

Michael John recieved his portrait photography degree and has won 17 portrait photography awards. All of our photographers and assistants have at least ten years of portrait photography experience and are all multiple portrait photography award winners themselves. We are also a member of the PPA.

Darcie and Opie

Michael and Mollie

Our wedding day went by so fast we did not have time to stop and enjoy every moment. There were guests that we did not get a chance to see, as well as hilarious moments on the dance floor that we missed. When we got our pictures back, we were able to relive our wedding day all over again, and see the moments that we were unable to be a part of. My husband and I, along with our family and friends were so impresssed our photographs.

Thank you Michael for preserving our very special day.

Michael John
4495 Kinneville Rd
Onondaga, MI 49264

Phone: 517-331-3408
Email: Michael@michael-johnphotography.com

21 Years Family-owned business, serving Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana

When I first saw my pictures, I cried. They conveyed all the emotion that I felt on that day. One of the best things was Michael took all the ideas that I had and put his own twist on them. Michael was a wonderful photographer, he was very professional and made it fun. he made myself and the rest of my wedding party feel at ease. If had to do my wedding over again, he is definitely one thing I would not change.

Thank-you so much for being such a big part of our day!!

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Emerald Collection


This is our most popular collection. The complete collection for couples that want the very best, yet don't need all the extras in the Diamond Collection.

Pearl Collection


A great collection designed for smaller weddings and for couples who want quality photography and albums at  a reasonable rate without all the extra bells and whistles.

Orchid Collection


This a good collection for couples who want quality photography yet prefer simplicity, have limited budgets or who may want to decide later on albums and reprints.

Rose Collection


Wedding day coverage with no photography limits.  Full coverage of your wedding with 1 photographer for up to 5 hours.  At your choice of locations.  There are no limits to the number of photographs taken.

Lily Collection


Wedding day coverage with no photography limits.  Full coverage of your wedding with 1 photographer for up to 3 hours.   All at your choice of locations.  There are no limits to the number of photographs taken.


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